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Реферат: Legend Of Huma Essay Research Paper 1

Название: Legend Of Huma Essay Research Paper 1
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: реферат Добавлен 14:54:20 13 ноября 2010 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 1 Комментариев: 1 Оценило: 1 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Legend Of Huma Essay, Research Paper

1. The theme of this novel is that which one would expect from a story about a

knight. Much of the novel deals with the honor of one’s country, one’s

countrymen, and one’s god. Huma, the hero of the novel, has a chance to run off

with the girl he loves and abandon his mission because he is presumed dead. He

overcomes this temptation , however, and continues his brave mission to save his

world. Another instance of temptation to take the easy way out, but lose honor,

occours at the very instant that he was about to complete his quest. While

fighting the Dragonqueen, she offers him the chance to rule by her side for an

eternity. He refuses her and eventually dies while defeating her, and maintains

his honor. 10. Huma’s close friend and fellow knight, Rennard, had been

strangely stricken with the plague earlier in his life. He also befriends Huma

when many criticize him. His features were very pale, and he did not show much

emotion at all. These things are all common in the followers of the god of

disease. Because Rennard had been a Knight for so long, no one thought anything

about his resemblance to the god of disease. Later, it is discovered by Huma

that Rennard was indeed a follower of the god of disease. Huma discovers this as

Rennard is about to kill Grand Master, the knighthood’s leader. The author chose

to use this foreshadowing as a complete surprise to the reader. It was only a

small hint, but it was enough to make one take notice. In another part of the

story, Huma was separated from his friend Kaz , a monitor. Huma found a knight’s

outpost on the edge of the forest and hopes Kaz will find him. Later the knights

went out to capture a beast that the elves told them was in the forest. To

Huma’s surprise the searching party returned with poor Kaz trapped in their

nets. The author obviously used this as a good way to re-enter Kaz into the

story after Kaz had been lost. 2. Dragon Mountain was a particularly important

place in the story. While exploring its vast caves , Huma defeated the three

trials of honor. At the end of these trials he became a worthy knight to defeat

the Dragonqueen. Also, he met a ancient blacksmith who gave him twenty dragon

lances that were used to defeat the Dragonqueen. 5. The novel basically ends in

Huma defeating the Dragonqueen. Huma is riding his dragon, who also takes the

human form of Gwyneth ( Huma’s love), and drives the dragonlance into the

Dragonqueen. The dragonlance breaks off into the Dragonqueen’s body; this does

not kill her, but she cannot remove the lance. Huma and Gwyneth are plummeted

toward the mountain below and barely survive the inncedent. After a short while

, Huma decides it is best to let the Dragonqueen go with the exception that she

will never return to his world again. After the queen departs Huma and Gwyneth

die in each others arms and go to a form of paradise. The novels ending is a

good one in that it ends Huma’s quest to save his world. Huma gains great honor

and even becomes a legend for the deeds he did for his world. Also, I must voice

my opinion about the deaths of both Huma and Gwyneth. I feel that their deaths

were a bad choice by the author. Although this made the story more realistic, it

left the story on a downfall that , to me , overshadowed Huma’s victory. I would

have ended on a happy note. 7. There were two big examples of irony in this

novel. One was the shock of Rennard’s betrayal to the knighthood. Rennard and

Huma were the Grand Master’s closest colleagues. This was proven to be a false

front on Rennard’s part to try to get in close enough to kill the Grand Master.

Also, when Huma faced the decision whether to kill or free the Dragonqueen, he

found himself with a delima. His whole quest had been based on seeking and

destroying the queen. When faced with the opportunity, he realized that he could

not kill her. If he did, the balance between good and evil would be altered

drastically. This would destroy his world. He was forced to let the Dragonqueen

go free on the condition that she never return to his world again.

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